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Press Releases

July 2015
Coats Calls for Vote to End Federal Funding for Planned Parenthood
Coats Congratulates David Murtaugh on Being Named Indiana Criminal Justice Institute Director
Coats Highlights Waste of the Week: Fake Enrollees Granted Tax Subsidies
Coats in Washington Times: Why aren’t more Americans working?
Coats on Social Security and Medicare Trustees Report: Doing Nothing Risks Everything
Coats Joins Bipartisan Group of 50 Senators in Raising Concerns with Planned Parenthood Practices
Coats, Senators Introduce Bipartisan Cybersecurity Bill Following OPM Cyber Attack
Coats on Iran Deal: “The more I read, the more my concern grows.”
Coats Supports Governor Pence’s Decision to Authorize the Adjutant General to Arm Military Personnel at National Guard Facilities
Coats: McCain is an American hero, period
Coats Highlights Waste of the Week: Social Security Benefits for Criminals Avoiding Felony Arrest
Coats: Stream Buffer Rule Will Cost Jobs, Increase Government Overreach
Coats, Toomey: A Sensible Long-Term Fix for the Highway Trust Fund
Coats Supports Every Child Achieves Act
Coats Says Enrollment Fraud a "Canary in the Mine"
Coats, JEC Investigate Dwindling Worker Participation
Coats Condemns Video of Planned Parenthood Executive Discussing Selling of Body Parts of Unborn Children
Coats Introduces Bill to Deny Social Security Benefits to Felons
Coats Discusses Iran Nuclear Deal on CNN
Coats Statement on Iran Deal