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Press Releases

June 2014
Coats, Gillibrand Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Help Indiana’s Universities
Coats Statement on Supreme Court Ruling on Recess Appointments
Coats: Lackluster GDP Growth Unacceptable
Coats Column: IRS Must Be Held Accountable
Coats Says Special Prosecutor Should Investigate IRS Scandal
Coats Proposal to Prevent Recognition of Russian Sovereignty over Crimea Included in Funding Legislation
Coats: Missing IRS Emails “Laughable, Potentially Criminal”
Hagel to Coats: We Knew in February Extremists Could Take Iraq
Coats Column: Address Growing Cyber Threats
Coats, Senators Press White House on Flood of Unaccompanied Minors Crossing Southern Border
Coats Named “Taxpayer Hero”
Coats, Donnelly Receive VA Response
Coats: UNESCO Nominee Supports Funding UN Body in Violation of U.S. Law
Coats Discusses Veterans Bill on CNN
Coats Supports Veterans Bill, Says More Needed to Fulfill Promises to Veterans
Coats, Senators Call on DOJ to Investigate Evidence of Criminal Wrongdoing at VA Medical Facilities
Coats Column: EPA Must Not Ignore Hoosier Families
Coats Statement on VA Access Audit
Coats Statement on 70th Anniversary of D-Day
Coats: What Obama could learn from Germany's failed experiment with green energy