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Press Releases

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May 2015
Coats Supports Amicus Brief Opposing President’s Executive Amnesty
December 2014
Coats Statement on Indiana Immigration Lawsuit
November 2014
Coats: Obama Should Not Bypass Congress on Immigration
August 2014
Coats: Border Crisis Will Only Get Worse Over Time
July 2014
Coats Says Solution to Border Crisis is Not Just Throwing Money at Problem
Coats Statement on Governor Pence’s Letter to President Obama Regarding Unaccompanied Children
Coats Column: Solve Our Border Crisis
Coats: Solve Humanitarian Crisis on Southern Border
June 2014
Coats, Senators Press White House on Flood of Unaccompanied Minors Crossing Southern Border
July 2013
Coats Column: Immigration Reform Bill Makes Same Mistakes of 1986
June 2013
Coats Statement on Passage of Senate Immigration Reform Bill
Coats Says Border Security Results Must Come Before Path to Citizenship
Coats and Group of Senators Object to Reid Blocking Amendments to Immigration Bill
Coats Warns Reid Not to Block Open Debate on Immigration Reform
Coats Introduces Border Security Amendments to Immigration Reform Bill
Coats: Majority Leader’s Decision to Block Border Security Amendment Delivers a Serious Blow to Immigration Reform
Coats Calls for Changes to Immigration Bill in Senate Floor Speech
March 2013
Coats, Senators Press for Answers about Detained Illegal Immigrants
Coats: Napolitano’s Failure to Explain Release of Detained Illegal Immigrants is Unacceptable
Coats: ICE Blaming Release of Detained Illegal Immigrants on Budget Cuts is Unacceptable