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May 2014
Coats: Struggling American Families Need Jobs, Economic Opportunity
April 2014
Coats Opposes Extension of Unemployment Insurance Benefits
Coats: Unemployment Benefits Bill Fails to Provide Necessary Reforms
January 2012
Coats: Irrational of Administration to Reject Job Creating Keystone Pipeline Project
December 2011
Coats Supports Payroll Tax Cut, Jobs Bill
Coats Introduces Bill to Reform FDA Mission, Encourage Job Creation
Coats Opposes Unelected, Unaccountable White House Financial Czar Position
October 2011
Coats Supports Trade Agreements Benefiting Hoosier Small Businesses, Manufacturers, Farmers
September 2011
Coats Statement on President Obama’s Jobs Speech
Coats: President Needs to Hit ‘Reset’ Button
August 2011
Coats to Oppose Debt Increase Bill
June 2011
Coats: How Long Will Congress Ignore Mounting Fiscal Sirens?
May 2011
Coats, Steel Dynamics CEO Keith Busse Discuss Ways to Protect Hoosier Businesses
Coats Votes to Increase America’s Energy Supply
Coats Statement on White House Meeting with Senate Republicans
Coats Supports Plan to Create Jobs, Strengthen Economy
April 2011
Coats Votes to Repeal Paperwork Mandate on Small Businesses, Charities
March 2011
Coats: We Need to Take Bold Action Today to Preserve our Country Tomorrow
February 2011
Coats Says Excessive Regulations Are Hindering Private Sector Job Growth
Coats Supports Bill to Repeal Taxes on Hoosier Medical Device Manufacturers