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August 2015
Coats: Report Suggests Looming Debt Crisis is Anvil Hanging Over Our Economy
Coats Statement on Chinese Currency Manipulation
Coats Statement on July Employment Numbers
Coats: Report Confirms IRS Mismanagement, Targeting
July 2015
Coats Supports Bipartisan Highway Funding Bills
Coats: It is Time to Shift the Economy Out of Low Gear
Coats on Social Security and Medicare Trustees Report: Doing Nothing Risks Everything
Coats, JEC Investigate Dwindling Worker Participation
Coats Introduces Bill to Deny Social Security Benefits to Felons
Coats, Brady Release Report on Administration’s Proposed Overtime Rule
Coats Statement on June Employment Numbers
June 2015
Coats Welcomes Mitch Daniels at Finance Hearing on Transportation Funding
Coats Supports Trade Bill Benefitting Hoosier Economy
Coats Praises Indiana May Employment Numbers
Coats Releases Top Ten Facts About America’s Economic Future
Coats Statement on May Employment Numbers
April 2015
Coats: GDP Growth Numbers Dismal
Coats Statement on March Employment Numbers
March 2015
Coats Highlights Waste of the Week: Waived Reforms to Food Stamp Program
Coats Highlights Waste of the Week: $2.1 Billion in Amnesty Bonuses