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November 2014
Coats: End Loophole for Nazis Receiving Social Security Benefits
August 2014
Coats: Report Highlights Need for Medical Device Tax Repeal
June 2014
Coats: Lackluster GDP Growth Unacceptable
May 2014
Coats: What Federal Reserve Chairwoman Yellen knows about the deficit (and you should, too)
April 2014
Coats Statement on Minimum Wage Vote
Coats Column: Help Hoosier Community Banks, Credit Unions
Coats Receives Spirit of Enterprise Award for Pro-Growth Record
Coats Introduces Bill to Help Hoosier Community Banks, Credit Unions
Coats: Keep Internet Free of Control by United Nations or International Agency
March 2014
Coats Congratulates GE Aviation on Lafayette Expansion
January 2014
Coats Statement on Extension of Unemployment Insurance Benefits
December 2013
Coats: Indiana’s Credit Ratings Again Show Need for Hoosier Model in Washington
May 2013
Coats Statement on Medicare and Social Security Trustees Report
April 2013
Coats Joins Bipartisan Group of Senators to Introduce Dependable Air Service Act
January 2013
Coats Says Shrinking Economy a Telling Sign for Washington
November 2012
Coats Statement on President’s Fiscal Cliff Proposal
September 2012
Coats: $16 Trillion in Debt No Occasion to Celebrate
July 2012
Coats Votes to Protect Hoosier Small Businesses, Family Farms from Massive Tax Hikes
Coats: Indiana’s $2.15 Billon Reserve a Stunning Contrast to Washington’s Fiscal State
June 2012
Coats Opposes Highway Bill Conference Report