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Press Releases

March 2015
Coats Supports Bill to Repeal Death Tax
Coats Supports Senate Budget Resolution
Coats Lifts Hold on Greek Independence Day Resolution
Coats: Administration Should Aid Saudi Arabia Against Yemeni Terrorists
Coats Congratulates Greenfield’s Grant Williams on Acceptance to United States Military Academy
Coats Highlights Waste of the Week: Waived Reforms to Food Stamp Program
Coats Asks Greek Ambassador to Clarify Threatening Comments by Defense Minister
Coats Statement on 2016 Senate Election
Coats Statement on Five-Year Anniversary of Obamacare
Coats Congratulates Elkhart’s Gabriella Lucchese on Acceptance to U.S. Naval Academy
Coats to Oppose Lynch Nomination for Attorney General
Coats Supports Child Welfare Provider Inclusion Act
Coats Congratulates Hebron’s Michael Hoisington on Acceptance to United States Military Academy
Coats Congratulates Oakland City’s Nicholas Baker on Acceptance to United States Naval Academy
Coats Presses Furman on President’s Willingness to Engage in Deficit Reduction
Coats Column: Iran Must Be Denied Nuclear Weapons Capability
Coats Highlights Waste of the Week: $2.1 Billion in Amnesty Bonuses
Coats Releases JEC Review of the Economic Report of the President
Coats, Bipartisan Group Introduce Clean Air, Strong Economies Act
Coats: Iran Issue Must Rise Above Politics