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Press Releases

June 2015
Coats Statement on Supreme Court Same-Sex Marriage Ruling
Coats Welcomes Mitch Daniels at Finance Hearing on Transportation Funding
Coats Statement on King v. Burwell Decision
Coats Supports Trade Bill Benefitting Hoosier Economy
Coats Highlights Waste of the Week: A Raw Deal for Taxpayers
Coats Supports Governor Pence’s Call for Significant Changes to EPA Proposed Rule
Coats Praises Indiana May Employment Numbers
Coats Amendment Included in Bill Authorizing Funding for Our Nation’s Military
Coats Releases Top Ten Facts About America’s Economic Future
Coats Amendment Calls for ISIS Strategy
Coats Highlights Waste of the Week: Overpayments of Social Security Benefits
Coats Highlights Impact of Obamacare on Hoosier Businesses
Coats Supports Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act
Coats Pushes for Cyber Legislation in NDAA
Coats Highlights Waste of the Week: Defense Contractor Abuse
Coats Statement on May Employment Numbers
Coats Highlights Waste of the Week: VA Procurement Abuse
Joint Economic Committee Discusses Effects of Obamacare
Coats Opposes USA Freedom Act
Coats Discusses TSA Security Breaches on Fox News