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Press Releases

July 2014
Coats Statement on Governor Pence’s Letter to President Obama Regarding Unaccompanied Children
Coats Column: Celebrating New Harmony
Coats Reacts to New Social Security and Medicare Trustees Report
Coats on CNN: Make Putin Choose
Coats op-ed: Here's what we need to do next with Putin, Ukraine
Coats: Putin’s Choice Must Be Made Crystal Clear
Coats Proposal to Sanction Russian Arms Included in DoD Appropriations Bill
Coats Column: Solve Our Border Crisis
Coats: Russian Sanctions Need to Go Further
Coats Legislative Agenda Would Have Cut Over $100 Billion
Coats: Report Shows Country Desperately Needs to Address Debt
Coats: Solve Humanitarian Crisis on Southern Border
Coats Column: Stand For Religious Freedom
Coats Questions NCAA President During Commerce Hearing
Coats: Cyber Legislation a Step in Right Direction
Coats: Religious Freedom Remains Under Attack Despite Hobby Lobby Decision
June 2014
Coats Statement on Supreme Court Ruling on Hobby Lobby Lawsuit
Coats, Gillibrand Introduce Bipartisan Bill to Help Indiana’s Universities
Coats Statement on Supreme Court Ruling on Recess Appointments
Coats: Lackluster GDP Growth Unacceptable