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News Articles

July 2015
Coats: Congress Should Reject Iran Deal
Coats: Why aren’t more Americans working?
Coats, Toomey: A Sensible Long-Term Fix for the Highway Trust Fund
June 2015
Coats: EPA Water Rule Must Be Stopped
May 2015
Coats: A Valuable Counterterrorism Capability
April 2015
Coats: Send Iran nuclear deal to Senate
Coats: Addressing Washington’s Waste
March 2015
Coats, Brady: Only Pro-Growth Policies Can Save U.S. From Obamanomics
Coats: Iran Must Be Denied Nuclear Weapons Capability
Coats: The Enemy at Europe’s Gates
February 2015
Coats: Debate Homeland Security Funding
Coats: Where's Obama's ISIS strategy?
Health insurance giant Anthem hit with major data breach
Republicans: Obama budget 'laughable'
January 2015
Coats: Repeal Tax on Medical Devices
Republican-led Senate passes bill authorizing Keystone XL oil pipeline
Indiana wins federal OK for HIP 2.0
Indiana Republicans rebuke Obama speech
Coats: An image of America’s retreat from world stage
Dan Coats, Marco Rubio challenge Obama’s power to ‘unilaterally’ lift Cuba sanctions