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News Articles

April 2014
Coats: Don't Recognize Russian Sovereignty Over Crimea
March 2014
Coats: Freeing Hoosier Job Creators
Coats: America Must Do More
On Russia’s List for Sanctions, and Proud of It
Coats: On Ukraine, more must be done
Sen. Coats offers bill to curb federal regulations
Coats: Why Hoosiers should care about Ukraine
Jobless deal came down to wire
Senators Coats and Durbin Reach Agreement on Bipartisan Resolution Regarding Russia
GUEST COMMENTARY: Give Hoosier job creators regulatory relief
U.S. Senators Push FIFA to Ban Russia From World Cup
Coats: President Should Stop Medicare Advantage Cuts
February 2014
Dems pressure Reid to hold O-Care votes
Guest column: Medical devices tax is costing jobs in Indiana
Some Republicans looking to break unemployment benefits deadlock
VA disinters Hoosier's killer
Coats: Bipartisan Proposals to Kick Start “Year of Action”
Sen. Coats: Hoosiers will pay price for proposed EPA rules
Propane pinch affects locals
Farm Bill Passes, Indiana Senators Vote In Favor