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News Articles

April 2015
Coats: Send Iran nuclear deal to Senate
Coats: Addressing Washington’s Waste
March 2015
Coats, Brady: Only Pro-Growth Policies Can Save U.S. From Obamanomics
Coats: Iran Must Be Denied Nuclear Weapons Capability
Coats: The Enemy at Europe’s Gates
February 2015
Coats: Debate Homeland Security Funding
Coats: Where's Obama's ISIS strategy?
Health insurance giant Anthem hit with major data breach
Republicans: Obama budget 'laughable'
January 2015
Coats: Repeal Tax on Medical Devices
Republican-led Senate passes bill authorizing Keystone XL oil pipeline
Indiana wins federal OK for HIP 2.0
Indiana Republicans rebuke Obama speech
Coats: An image of America’s retreat from world stage
Dan Coats, Marco Rubio challenge Obama’s power to ‘unilaterally’ lift Cuba sanctions
Coats, Donnelly co-sponsor bill to repeal medical device tax
Indiana Senators Promise Bipartisan Efforts
Coats, Donnelly to play key roles
Indiana To Have 'Louder Voice' in Congress
December 2014
Dan Coats objects to Obama’s Cuba plan