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News Articles

September 2014
Coats: Next steps in the fight against the Islamic State
Coats: Encouraging Hoosier Innovation
August 2014
Coats: What We Must Do About ISIS
Coats: Congress Should Address Border Crisis
Coats: Give Nonprofits Relief from IRS Delays
July 2014
Coats: Celebrating New Harmony
Coats: Here's what we need to do next with Putin, Ukraine
Coats: Solve Our Border Crisis
Coats: Stand For Religious Freedom
June 2014
Coats: IRS Must Be Held Accountable
Coats: Address Growing Cyber Threats
Coats: EPA Must Not Ignore Hoosier Families
Coats: What Obama could learn from Germany's failed experiment with green energy
Coats: Restoring Trust for Our Veterans
May 2014
Coats: Support Hoosier Nonprofits
Coats: Sanction Putin’s Arms Dealer
Coats moves to safeguard charities’ tax exemption
Coats: What Federal Reserve Chairwoman Yellen knows about the deficit (and you should, too)
April 2014
Coats: Help Hoosier Community Banks, Credit Unions
Coats Receives Spirit of Enterprise Award for Pro-Growth Record