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Committee Assignments


In the 114th Congress, I serve on three Senate committees: Finance, Select Intelligence and the Joint Economic Committee (JEC). On the bicameral JEC, I serve as the Chairman.

These important committee assignments will allow me the opportunity to continue the fight to rein in out-of-control government spending and strengthen our economic and national security. Congress must find the political will to rise above partisan politics and start being honest with the American people about what is needed to get our country on a path to prosperity. I believe Congress must reexamine every program and determine what is essential and how to be better stewards of taxpayer dollars. We have proven in Indiana that lower taxes, reduced spending and a more limited government is a model that works and it’s a model that needs to be implemented in Washington.

As a member of the Senate Intelligence Committee, I remain committed to passing cyber security legislation to address the serious threat of cyber attacks against our government and key sectors of our economy. We also must continue to be vigilant against terrorist threats and those committed to harming American citizens.

Learn more about each committee below: