Fix the Debt & Strengthen America

When I visit with Hoosiers from across Indiana, I am often asked, “Why is the federal government continuing to spend more money than it takes in?”

Restoring America and getting hardworking Americans back to work starts by getting our fiscal books in order. It starts with a budget.  Just like every Hoosier family and business, our federal government needs to review its spending, make some hard decisions and sacrifices, and create a budget plan.

Unlike Washington, Hoosiers understand the importance of a budget. In Indiana, we understand that you can’t spend more than you have. In Indiana, we understand the importance of saving or reexamining our spending priorities to make ends meet.

From the family home to the mom-and-pop shop to the statehouse, Hoosiers understand that you can’t be successful without creating a sensible budget. It’s the Hoosier way. That is why despite this sluggish national economy we are better positioned in Indiana than our neighboring states.

We need more of that Hoosier common sense in Washington.

In March, after four years of failing to produce a budget plan, Senate Democrats passed a Fiscal Year 2014 Budget Resolution that, quite frankly, was not worth the wait. This budget won’t reduce the out-of-control federal spending. It won’t grow the economy or generate job creation. It won’t save Medicare and Social Security from going broke. It won’t pull our country back from the brink of a fiscal crisis and it won’t balance the budget.

What it will do is increase the national debt to over $24 trillion by the end of the 10-year budget period. It includes up to a $1.5 trillion tax increase on Americans. This tax increase is in addition to the over $600 billion tax hike that just occurred in January and another trillion dollars of new taxes scheduled to go into effect as part of Obamacare. And this budget plan increases spending by nearly 62 percent.

The Democrats’ budget puts the foot on the gas pedal and drives our country further and faster into debt. Rather than grow the economy, the Democrats’ budget grows the government at the expense of hardworking Hoosier taxpayers. The Senate budget is an unserious plan at a time that demands serious action and tough choices to get our fiscal house back in order.

We need a president and Congress that will fight to reduce our $16.7 trillion of national debt, not ignore it. When it comes to fixing our serious fiscal crisis, we need leadership from the White House and Congress rather than the same old "kick the can down the road" mentality we have seen for the last several years.